Driving Instructor Core Competencies manual

Core Comps arrived on Saturday. It's very impressive - started flicking through it but couldn't stop! It has already refreshed my memory of a few things....Excellent value for money too.

Driving Instructor Core Competencies Available again when Core Comps has been updated


  • Easy guide to Pupil Fault Identification
  • Easy guide to Pupil Fault Analysis (and Consequences)
  • Easy guide to Pupil Remedial Action / Strategy
  • 157 pages of faults a pupil can make
  • Same order as the ADI Part 3 Pre-Set Tests
  • Perfect for ADI Part 3 training
  • Used as reference by Qualified Driving Instructors
  • Great for Standards Check Test refresher training

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Instructor Teaching Aid & Core Competencies Manual


Instructor Teaching Aid plus Core Comps Manual

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The Driving Instructor Core Competencies Training Aid is a guide to the key skills required to be a driving instructor.

The first part of the manual is a comprehensive and easy to follow guide to each part of the Core Competencies, that is; Fault Identification, Fault Analysis (including Consequences) and Remedial Action.

The second part of the manual contains the pupil fault tables. That is; over 157 pages of potential faults that a pupil (or ADI Examiner) can make.

Each fault in the Pupil Fault Tables contains; the fault, analysis, consequence and remedial action for every subject a Driving Instructor teaches pupils.

The Core Comps manual is a training aid that can be used throughout a Driving Instructor's career. From the ADI Part 3 training to brushing up on faults the Examiner might make in the Check Test subject.