Teaching Aid & Guide to Passing ADI Part 3 - Package 3

I just wanted to let you know that I have just passed my ADI part 3 at the first attempt! Your training materials have been invaluable to me over the last few (stressful) months, and I can now use them on a daily basis.... hooray

Package 4 - Driving Instructor Teaching Aid & Essential ADI Part 3 Audio Briefing CDs


  • Clear, easy to understand, full colour, A4 visuals
  • Simple, structured briefing help notes/lesson plans
  • The whole of the Part 3 test explained clearly
  • Simple text on the visuals to help jog the memory
  • Help in areas where PDIs make common mistakes
  • Continue teaching with it once fully qualified
  • Full audio briefings for all PSTs
  • Word Pictures before each briefing
  • Audio help/tips in areas where PDIs struggle
  • By DVSA approved ORDIT Instructor Trainer

Whole Package

The Whole Package - all DITA Teaching Aids


One set of Teaching Aids for your whole career!

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The Full Audio ADI Part 3 Briefings CDs have been recorded in-car for a life like feel and include sample word pictures at the start of each briefing like the real test. There are helpful audio hints at parts of the Pre-Set Tests that are known to catch PDIs out. More info...

The Driving Instructor Teaching Aid can be used for Part 3 training and test, then for teaching real pupils once qualified - only buy one teaching aid for your career!

The visuals are full colour, A4 and include key point hints ('MSM', 'Safe, Convenient and Legal' etc.) to help briefings flow.

Lesson Plans/Notes will help with briefings as well as the overall PST/lesson and include info such as: Q&A examples; who drives to site; where the briefings takes place etc.

The prompt notes for each briefing are laid out in a way that requires just a quick glance to take in the information - very useful when you're under the pressure of a test! More info...