Driving Instructor Visual Aids
Driving Instructor Visual Aids
Driving Instructor visual aids designed by Grade 6 Driving Instructor and ORDIT registered Instructor Trainer alongside professional graphic artists for clarity and easy of use.
Driving Instructor Visual Aids

JJust a quick note to say how impressed I am with the 'Driving Instructor Teaching Aid' It's SO simple to follow and makes life so much easier for the pupil to understand. There are lots on the market but yours is definitely the best one I have seen.

Driving Instructor Visuals Book Driving Instructor Visuals
Driving Instructor Visuals - Turn in the Road Driving Instructor Visuals - Overtaking Driving Instructor Visuals - Roundabouts

Key Features:
  • A4, clear, easy to understand, full colour visuals
  • Designed for ADI Part 3 & qualified instructors
  • Extra ADI visuals; Reference Points, Roundabouts etc.
  • Simple, structured; lesson plans/briefing notes
  • Sample questions to ask the pupil in the Recap
  • Information on where each briefing should take place
  • Simple text on the visuals to help jog the memory
  • Help in areas where PDIs make common mistakes
  • Tabs for quick access to each 10 Pre-Set Test
  • Sturdy Pages suitable for writing on with dry marker
  • Contained in tough, semi-flexible, cover
  • Used successfully for Part 3 by hundreds of PDIs
  • Used by hundreds of qualified instructors

About the Driving Instructor Teaching Aid Visual Aids...

The ADI Part 3 & Driving Instructor Teaching Aid contains everything needed to help the PDI on the Part 3 training / test. Plus, once qualified, it can be used to get learners to test standard.

The A4 visuals have key point hints ('MSM' - 'Safe, Convenient and Legal' etc.) to help briefings flow. They contain memorable sayings such as 'Less Space - Less Pace'. These help pupils (and supervising examiners!), remember your lesson and add something extra to it.

The Lesson Plans / Briefing Notes have been laid out in a way that requires just a quick glance to take in the information - very useful during a test! They explain the format for each phase 1 PST - such as who drives to the test site, where the briefing is given etc.

The teaching aid comes in a tough, plastic, semi-flexible A4 cover which is easy to open and display to your pupils (can be folded to display visuals only). Pages can be written on with a dry marker & wiped.

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