Created for the old ADI Part 3 which used 10 PSTs - does NOT cover all teaching subjects required for new test

Guide to Part 3 Phase 2 Q & A Technique PDF


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  • For the OLD PST based ADI Part 3 Test
  • Guide on how to carry out successful Q&A
  • Sample questions for ALL Phase 2 PSTs
  • Visuals to help you remember the answers
  • Seperate answer sheets for all questions
  • Questions split into the Part 3 Test categories
  • Helps PDIs learn the PST subjects
  • A4, full colour, easy to read

Guide to the new ADI Part 3 Test

A Guide to the new ADI Part 3 Test


Essential Guide to the New ADI Part 3 Test

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Due to the changes to the ADI Part 3 Test - This product is only sold as a PDF

Using questions to discover a pupil's skill level is one of the most important parts of the part 3 test. Potentially, with a skilful question and answer tecnique, it's possible to prevent the examiner from committing certain faults before you even move off.

The key to this is to know your subjects - that way you can spot gaps in your 'pupil's' knowledge when they reply.

The Phase 2 Sample Questions will give you an understanding of the type of questions you should be asking so you can get your pupil to give the answers you'd expect to hear.

The questions & answers will also help you learn the PST subjects as you use them. The question pages also include visuals to help remember the answers.

It's amazing how much more confident PDI trainee driving instructors become when they finally begin to learn the correct technique of Q&A. They can literally get any pupil to reveal their driving weaknesses before a lesson starts!