Full Audio PST Briefings for the ADI Part 3 test


  • Full audio briefings for all PSTs
  • Word Pictures before each briefing
  • Audio help/tips in areas where PDIs struggle
  • Bonus phase 2 Q&A for Trained Pupil
  • Bonus phase 2 Q&A for Full Licence Holder
  • Recorded in-car with real-life scenarios
  • By DVSA approved ORDIT Instructor Trainer
  • Instructor deals with real pupil questions

Briefings Kit

Guide to passing ADI Part 3 & full audio Part 3 PST Briefings


Guide to ADI Part 3 plus Full Part 3 PST Audio Briefings

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All briefings have been recorded in-car for a life like feel and include sample word pictures at the start of each briefing like the real test. There are helpful audio hints at parts of the Pre-Set Tests that are known to catch PDIs out.

The CD also contains a bonus Phase 2 Q&A section which reveals how to deal with examiners in different roles. A great way to learn the level and style of briefing required to pass the part 3 test.

The Part 3 audio briefings recorded for DITA are given by Milan, an ORDIT Registered, DVSA Approved Instructor Trainer with a grade 6 ADI badge and over 14 Years experience in the driving instructor industry.

Milan has successfully trained hundreds of PDIs to pass the Part 3 test and also runs a PDI Rescue workshop to help trainees on their 2nd and 3rd attempts at the Part 3 Test. He has sat in on many ADI Part 3 tests and regularly meets with DVSA Examiners, giving him an excellent insight into the briefing and Q&A styles required to pass the exam.

The CD briefings also include responses from the 'DSA Examiner' that can happen in the real Part 3 Test. Listen to Milan skilfully answer the Examiner's questions and at the same time teach the correct way to approach the subject. An essential skill for any PDI taking Part 3.