Briefings Kit for ADI Part 3


  • Structured written & full audio briefings for all PSTs
  • Laid out in easy to remember sections to aid learning
  • Word Pictures before each briefing
  • Read the briefings as you listen how to give them
  • Aims & Objectives before each briefing
  • Audio/written help in areas where PDIs struggle
  • Phase 2 Q&A for Trained Pupil & FLH
  • Recorded in-car with real-life scenarios
  • Briefings by DVSA ORDIT Instructor Trainer
  • Help on all aspects of Part 3 + more

Package 9

Package 9 -  Teaching Aid, Guide to Passing ADI Part 3 & Full Briefing Audio CDs


Study Part 3, learn the briefings and teach them!

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The Briefings Kit contains the Essential Guide to Passing ADI Part 3 and the Essential ADI Part 3 Audio Briefings CDs - everything needed to help the PDI learn and remember the phase 1 briefings.

In the Essential Guide to Passing ADI Part 3 you will find all the Pre-set Tests briefings structured clearly and broken into easy to learn pieces..

On the ADI Part 3 full Briefings CDs you can listen to briefings given in-car by an ORDIT registered Instructor Trainer.

In short - you can learn exactly what you need to cover in each briefing and then listen to how you should give them.

Both the book and CDs contain help where PDIs traditionally struggle, as well as word pictures and aims & objectives, to give you a feel for how the test works in real life.