The Whole Package 2 - DITA written products

Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I purchased Dita's training materials online and was so impressed by them I decided to give Milan a ring, despite living 120 miles away! The training sessions were excellent and I have just passed my part 3 - massive thanks to Milan and Dita!

Package 2 - ADI Part 3 Course - DITA written Teaching / Training Aids


  • The whole of the Part 3 test explained clearly
  • Clear, easy to understand, full colour, A4 visuals
  • Simple, structured briefing help notes/lesson plans
  • Extra ADI visuals: Reference Points, Roundabouts etc.
  • Designed for ADI Part 3 & qualified instructors
  • Phase 2 question & answer sheets for all PSTs
  • Simple text on the visuals to help jog the memory
  • Guide to Fault ID, analysis, remedial action / strategy
  • Covers virtually every fault a pupil can make
  • 157 pages of easy to follow Fault Tables

The Whole Package

The Whole Package - all DITA Teaching Aids


One set of Teaching Aids for your whole career!

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Package 2 teaching/training aids contains all the written products by DITA (there are no briefing CDs included). The great thing is, once qualified, it can be used for teaching pupils meaning you only need one teaching aid for your career.

The Essential Guide to Passing ADI Part 3 book breaks every aspect of Part 3 into easy to understand sections. It also includes structured briefings for all PSTs that can be used alongside the Teaching aid and the full Audio briefings.

The Driving Instructor Teaching Aid visuals have key point hints ('MSM' - 'Safe, Convenient and Legal' etc.) to help briefings flow. They contain memorable sayings such as 'Less Space - Less Pace'. These help pupils (and supervising examiners!), remember your lesson and add something extra to it.

The Extra ADI visuals are full colour, A4 and great for helping pupils in subjects they traditionally struggle with such as; clutch control, reference points, approaching / leaving roundabouts, reverse steering etc.

The Lesson Plans / Briefing Notes have been laid out in a way that requires just a quick glance to take in the information - very useful during a test! They explain the format for each phase 1 PST - such as who drives to the test site, where the briefing is given etc.

The Driving Instructor Reference Points are shown from both seats, with tips on how to teach them. This book can be used by driving instructors to teach learners as well as trainees learning to teach - perfect for teaching and learning strategies!

The Phase 2 Q&A Guide is full colour, A4 and contains questions for ALL PSTs required to get a pupil to reveal their driving weaknesses. They contain pictures to aid learning and answers to all the questions.

The Driving Instructor Core Comps manual contains an easy to follow guide on Fault ID, Fault Analysis and Remedial Action. It also contains over 157 pages of Pupil Fault Tables covering virtually every fault a pupil can make.